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How to connect brother printer to wifi. There are 0 replies:
How to connect brother printer to wifi. Original post: Thu 11/5/2020 at 2:46 PM

Most of the time, because of the several primary reasons, people encounter the wifi setup failed on their brother printer.
Incorrect details regarding wifi.
Issues concerning access point or router.
The signal force is weak.
Issues related to the Printer.
But the good part is, you don't need a technician to fix this issue, because you can do it yourself. Continue this guide and repair the How to connect brother printer to wifi.

Fixing Connect Brother Printer To Wifi -
Step 1 - Check the signal strength-
If your Not connect brother printer to wifi, the signal strength should be tested first.
If the wifi signals appear weak on the printer you should be available in the excellent or strong signal region. You should have your printer mounted next to the wifi router. Now try connecting it over the wireless network.

Step 2- Power cycle the printer and computer-
You should have your devices power cycle once after testing the efficiency of the signal.
Turn off your wifi access point, and wait a minute to turn it on now.
Let's remove the power wire from your pc and turn it on for 30 seconds.
After restarting your printer you can try to connect brother printer to wifi once you see the ready screen.

Step 3- Check wifi credential details-
If during connect brother printer to wifi you u get the incorrect username or password error.
Wifi credentials including password, a form of encryption, etc. should be tested. Users get this kind of mistake most of the time because they don't enter the correct password. So be sure that you don't become one of these.
If you have any doubts regarding your password, you can test the password once.

Step 4- Change the wifi name, password & encryption type.
There may be a problem with the current wifi profile sometimes; that is why your brother printer not connecting to wifi.

So, you can reset your router's network name, password and type of encryption.
You may use this manual to reset the wifi profile on your router.
Get into the Admin screen of the router.
Tap the Setup for Wireless.
Clear the current name of the network and type in your new name.
Select form of wifi encryption as 64 bit WEP.
Erase the old password, and create a new password for hexadecimal.

Now press the Save Settings button or apply changes (whatever you see).

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