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Traditional Woks and Its Accessories Original post: Wed 3/31/2021 at 12:45 AM
A wok is really a big pan with great sloping sides, a lid in addition to side handles. It is especially fitted to stir-frying food. A wok is a handy round-bottomed cooking utensil. It is issued specifically in the Southeast and East Asia. It is usually used plus a long handle spatula or a long handle ladle which allows you to cook the meals without burning your hand.

The wok could be distinguished in form. Usual woks have a rounded bottom. A round bottom part wok allows the traditional round ladle or spatula to pick all the food up in the bottom of the wok and toss is just about easily. Wok handles can be found in two styles such as stay and loops. Loop handles will be the most common type of handle for woks of most types and resources. These woks are traditionally made of bares metal.

Electric woks have a great advantage when compared with other usual woks possibly for heating. The heating aspect can heat up all parts of the pan consistently. That is without a cold or a spot. Non-electric woks normally cost about 45 US dollars. Various woks are sold in kits which include the cooking rack as well as its utensils. A wok is truly an indispensable cooking utensil for those interested in Asian cuisine.

There are a lot of things you can do together with your wok such as roasting, stir frying, serious frying and steaming. In addition, as some other cookware set in the kitchen, it deserves a slight more carefulness than simply cleaning.

Nowadays, cooking asia wok have plenty of different types available in the market. This is according to its shape, size and its usage with regards to fitting in your cooking food needs such as the following:
o Electric woks
o Chinese woks
o Carbon steel woks
o Non-stick type woks
o And stainless type woks

The different forms of cooking wok are the kinds we use for roasting, strong frying and also for the mere heat of water. There are also accessories for woks such as for example:
o Steamer racks
o Wire-mesh strainers
o Chopsticks
o Tongs
o Bamboo brushes
o And wok racks

The aforementioned accessories are also listed below:
- Steamer Racks - The steamer rack is good for steaming. It holds the meals over the boiling water although it circulates the steam and allows the food to cook.
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