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Final Fantasy XIV Guide: Here Are 5 Worst Minions In FFXIV | Check Whether You Own Or Not There are 0 replies:
Final Fantasy XIV Guide: Here Are 5 Worst Minions In FFXIV | Check Whether You Own Or Not Original post: Fri 5/15/2020 at 4:41 AM
5 Worst Minions In Final Fantasy XIV
Five Worst Minions In FFXIV


The game of Final Fantasy XIV has a lot of minions, some of them you should own while some of them, well, let's say, you'd better stay away from them, in this post, we will guide you some of the worst minions in FFXIV. Once you encounter them, I, personally, do not suggest that you should get them. For more, keep reading.

What's the best thing to do in Final Fantasy XIV? I am pretty sure that all of you players might think that gathering all different kinds of Minions is one of the best things to do in FFXIV, however, our view is, in fact, not all of the Minions are worth picking up.

As you know Square Enix's award-winning Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) Final Fantasy XIV originally released in the year 2010, before re-launching as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn in the year of 2013 after some initial teething issues. Since then, this game has gone from strength to strength, what's more, this game has several expansions under its belt and a tight-knit player base. Recently, the Final Fantasy XIV community came together to mourn the passing of a fellow-player who passed away after contracting Coronavirus.

A favorite pastime of Final Fantasy XIV players is to collect minions: As you know little critters that are vanity pets and have no impact on your gameplay or your performance, and they simply accompany you wherever you go. However, these collected minions can battle it out in the mini-game Lord of Verminion. This list, well, will show some of the worst minions that the game has to offer. If you are interested, then you should keep reading.

Here comes Author's Note: For those Minions that are purchased with real money have already been excluded from the list. That means there will be no optional item store minions nor those that accompany merchandise purchases.

The Very First WORST Is: Gigantpole

The Gigantoads of Final Fantasy XIV, in fact, they are not exactly pretty. The Gigantoads of Final Fantasy XIV, in fact, they are not exactly pretty. Therefore, it's no surprise that their offspring would not be attractive either. However, there is something downright disturbing about their quite creepy little faces. Players will never be able to run enough with this horror following them around. Just look at that face.

You can catch the Gigantpole minion while you are fishing at the Burning Wall area in Eastern Thanalan while using Topwater Frog as bait, or more simply, you can purchase him directly from the market board.

The Second WORST Is: Tiny Rat

As you can see that the Tiny Rat earned itself a spot on this list by being one of the least interesting minions out there. Even though it could be defined as somewhat cute, this minion, in fact, is not exactly anything to write home about, nevermind worth showing off as a vanity pet. With the myriad of fascinating creatures that the world of Final Fantasy has to offer, a lot of players think this feels like the waste of a minion design.

Players can buy the Tiny Rat minion for the sum of 2400 Final Fantasy XIV Gil from a vendor in Highbridge, Eastern Thanalan after they have successfully completed the FATE chain Attack On Highbridge.

The Third WORST Is: Wind-Up Sun

The Wind-Up Sun falls into the category of stationary minions, which means that does not follow players around. Other than offering it the poke emote to make it rise or to make it fall, it does not do much of anything, earning it a place as one of the least favorite minions. Additionally, this minion disappears when you select to hide all your menus, though its light does remain.

This minion can be obtained by trading an Elixir to the Magic Pot at the Ship Graveyard in Western La Noscea. A re-skin minion named Wind-Up Moon is also available at the very same place by training a Hi-Elixir instead.

The Fourth WORST Is: Minute Mindflayer

Mindflayers are a staple fantasy creature, not only just in the game of Final Fantasy but also throughout the entire fantasy genre in books, games, and more. However, that does not exactly make them the best minion material, just as seen with the Minute Mindflayer. Despite its description referring to it as "CUTE", well, it is the totally opposite and therefore, not high on the list of things you want to follow you around.

You can get this minion as a possible reward by sending a retainer on an 18-hour venture or just as a possible reward from The Aquapolis. Alternatively, it can also be bought from the market board on the condition that you have massive Final Fantasy 14 Gil to spend.

Last But Not Least, The Fifth WORST Is: Calca & Brina

Well, I have to admit that these horrifying little doll minions have already earned themselves the top spot for being the worst minions cause they are the definition of nightmare fuel. They also interact with each other and then dance whenever players happen across another poor soul who also has one of these creepy little ladies.

Brina (Red Dress) is a possible drop from the level 60 dungeon, named The Antitower, and you should know that it cannot be traded or sold. And for Calca (Blue Dress) is also a possible drop from The Antitower, as well as a reward for the level 38 FATE Creepy Doll in Eureka Pyros, or just like the above shows, you can purchase from the market board.

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