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Formulate the topic

It is difficult to listen to the interlocutor who jumps from one to the other, so the presentation should have only one topic. Otherwise, you end up with a long story about nothing. The topic should be narrow enough to offer a solution to the problem at the end. Narrow the topic down until the presentation cannot be summarized in ten short paragraphs. You can do presenteation with powerpoint on:
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Define a goal

A good presentation changes the existing picture of the world. For example, people are becoming more environmentally friendly or running after a new smartphone. The goal does not have to be ambitious, the main thing is specific. A good presentation goal starts by asking what I want to change in the audience's behavior. When a performance has a purpose, you become precise in behavior and content. It's like in life: when you know why, then you do it clearly, as it should, even through difficulties.
Describe what should happen to the audience as a result of your presentation: what they will do, where they will go, what they will change their mind about, what they will buy. The more specific, the more detailed the wording, the more accurate the arguments you can choose and the higher your chances of hitting the target.

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Think over the scenario

The purpose of the presentation is what you want to change in the listener's head, and the script is how you arrive at those changes. Imagine you are writing a story. The listener must be intrigued, come up with an interesting character, and lead him through difficulties to a successful ending. This is the basic structure of any text and presentation. Fairy tales, movie scripts and product advertisements are based on this structure:

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Bring you up to speed 

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From the first slide, the viewer should understand what exactly he will receive or learn now. It is better to do without the creative, and directly indicate on the cover or first slide what will happen next.

Alternate slides

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Presentation is like text. If the text consists of sentences of the same length and of the same kind, it will be boring to read. There is no rhythm. Therefore, alternate between text slides and slides with images, add graphics. 

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